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Our Onsite Trainings

Our Onsite Trainings

The Fiber Optic Academy On Site Fiber Optic Training

We are happy to provide your company with on site fiber optics training classes.  We offer the courses listed on our “Courses” section.  The Basic Technician Course (CFOT) is a prerequisite for all of the other "Specialists" courses and should have been completed less than one year prior to taking any of the other courses.


On Site Student Requirements:

We ask that all students be able to read and speak the English language and be able see and identify small hand tools and fiber optics related equipment.

Students must be at least 16 years of age.

Students should be able to handle small tools and manipulate same demonstrating knowledge and technique at the end of class.

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Requirements for the classroom at your location:

Your classroom should have sufficient A/C and heating with enough tables and chairs to accommodate your attendees.

We will have all of our training equipment in your room so it should be able to be locked at the end of each session.

Your "classroom" should be available for the duration of your course sessions.

Since we bring almost all of the training equipment and student manuals for each course in our vehicles, we ask that you help us by having a white or black board and a projector screen available for our use during class.  We have our own projectors.  Computers will not be needed.

Finally - no need to fill out forms now.  Just send us an email or give us a call and we will answer all of your questions.  We can compare our schedules and see what works best for you and your students. 

+1 (501) 494-9161

Our Philosophy


The Fiber Optic Academy, enlightening your world with knowledgeable instructors, real world applications and patience.  Join us soon!

Our History


Over the past 30 years, our staff has evolved alongside the rapid technological advancements in the industry. The rise of system automation, building controls, wireless, and fiber to the home has created a growing need for highly skilled network technicians. Our instructors, who are seasoned veterans of the technology field, bring real-world expertise and innovative teaching methods into the classroom.

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